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Delegation of China Surface Engineering Association visit India SAR Coating LLP
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In the morning of February 23, Vice President & Secretary Jie Ma leaded the delegation of China surface engineering association visited SAR Coating LLP, located at Pragati Maidan,India.

The CEO of SAR Coating LLP named Rajeev Joshi introduced the basic information of the company, and led the delegation visited the production line, waste water treatment station, training classrooms, inspection test center, etc.

SAR Coating LLP are cooperated with Suzuki Automobile to produces electroplating and Electra-deposition services for Suzuki automobile parts. It is the excellent supplier of Suzuki Automobile company. The company has an automatic galvanizing line and a electrophoretic coating production line, and equipped with complete coatings inspection detection system.

SAR Coating LLP is meticulous and strict in the daily management, from the new employee orientation, to the daily production line condition monitoring and emergency plan, all has standardized process, and strictly implemented.

New employee orientation fully explain the importance of safety in working environment. Such as,first of all staff with different color mark to distinguish the experienced degree, secondly new employees must be under old employees supervision to operate, etc. Those guide will help employees fully understand and importance of the safety in working environment.

Between 14:00-14:10 is daily cleaning hours, all staff working together to ensure good and clean working environment.

On the production monitoring board, staff used red and green color mark to record the process of operation condition. Once emergency happen, staff can find and solve the problem immediately.

Introduce SAR Coating LLP 

Company pay attention to environment, so every employee has their own plant. In addition to,company also invite partners and visitors to plant some greens.

China Surface Engineering Association Vice President & secretary general Jie Ma planted a green plant, which symbol of friendship between the two countries industry, also is helpful for the improvement of the globe environment.

SAR Coating LLP through the detailed specification of daily management, ensure the production safety and products quality, has achieved the good profit. Therefore, SAR Coating LLP plan to further expand the scale of production, welcome all supplier and company visit anytime. With well organized staff and management guide rule, this tour has inspired and impress the delegation of China Surface Engineering Association.

February 24, 2017


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